Murat Erdemsel’s traveling schedule 2015



   [] Dec 8 - 10, Workshops in Stuttgart Tango Ocho Germany with Sigrid

   [] Dec 15 - 17,  Workshops with ElleTango in Bologna with Sigrid WEBSITE

   [] Dec 24 - Jan 1,  Master Seminar + Summer Tango Taboe Camp in Netherlands (solo) WEBSITE


   [] Jan 5 - Feb 8,  Hawaii tour (solo)

   [] Jan 6 - 13,  Maui workshops (solo)

   [] Jan 13 - 28,  Big Island visit (solo)

   [] Feb 9 - 11,  Port Macquarie Festival, Australia with Sigrid

   [] Feb 16 - 18,  Canberra workshops, Australia with Sigrid

   [] Feb 20 - 21,  Hobart Tasmania workshops, Australia with Sigrid

   [] Feb 23 - 25,  Adelaide workshops, Australia with Sigrid

   [] Mar 2 - 4,  Sydney workshops, Australia with Sigrid

   [] Mar 9 - 11,  Brisbane workshops, Australia with Sigrid

   [] Mar 16 - 18,  Perth workshops, Australia with Sigrid

   [] Mar 24 - 26,  Wellington workshops, New Zealand with Sigrid

   [] Apr - May,  Months of private lessons in Pully/Lausanne Switzerland

   [] Apr 20 - 22,  Festivalito in Pully Lausanne, Switzerland with Sigrid

   [] Apr 27 - 29,  Workshops in Galeria Ideal, Vienna Austria with Sigrid

   [] May 31 - Jun 3,  Munster Germany with Sol Orosco

   [] Jun 24 - 30,  Tango Holidays at La Frayssinette, open week with SIgrid WEBSITE

   [] Jul 13 - 15,  Tango.2 Festival in Sibiu, Romania with Sigrid WEBSITE

   [] Jul 26 - 30,  Tango Jam, Marathon in Hamburg. Just dancing.

   [] Aug 16 - 19,  Catania Tango Festival, Italy with Sigrid

   [] Aug 20 - 26,  Tango Holidays at La Frayssinette, MASTERS week. with SIgrid WEBSITE

   [] Oct Nov,  To Be Confirmed: Delhi India. solo

   [] Nov  2 - 4,  Workshops in La Yumba, Hamburg. with Sigrid


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Murat is gifted with an insightful, thorough and analytical understanding of the dance.  He started his journey with tango in Istanbul, 1997.  Widely known for his strong lead and musicality, Murat's background in fine arts and music provides him with the perfect blend of senses for the movement of bodies through time and space.  He has trained in dance, music and fine arts around the globe.

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Murat has well over fifteen years of experience in teaching and performing.  His methods of instruction are accessible and continue to be extremely successful.  It is rare to see a dancer teaching with such simplicity and clarity and also inspiring students with his unique style of improvisational dance.  What makes Murat even more unusual is his emphasis on community building and tolerance among divisive groups. His teaching style is concept based.  He teaches the logic, anatomy and geometry of the dance.  Students learn about connection, lead and follow, musicality and etiquette.  Most importantly they gain valuable skills in order to dance socially in the milonga and take more active roles in their own education. Murat has taught in most of the major festivals in the US and Europe.


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